05 .09.2023

Project video “UNISEX”

With great joy, we present to you our project video “UNISEX”!

In the video summary, you will see for example that one of the pillars of the project was audiovisual lectures at schools. These lectures used short clips from movies, TV series, and commercials to highlight negative stereotypes about women and men in both public and private life. Over 2,000 students attended these lectures.

In the video, you will also learn that the “World is UNISEX” campaign primarily takes place on Instagram and YouTube, complemented by the website www.svetjeunisex.sk. From November 2022 to July 2023, the campaign on Instagram garnered nearly 1,200,000 impressions and over 80,000 views on YouTube. The “World is UNISEX” campaign has become one of the most visible campaigns aimed at increasing gender sensitivity among young people.

Watch our project video “UNISEX” on our YouTube channel.