04 .08.2023

Closing conference “EQUALITY IS UNISEX” summary

On August 2, 2023, the joint closing conference titled “EQUALITY IS UNISEX” took place. During this event, the organizations RISOTO and inTYMYta presented a summary of their projects supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

The program began with a presentation by Peter Konečný, featuring a 60-minute excerpt from the audiovisual lecture “The World is UNISEX.” As part of our project, audiovisual lectures were conducted for participants from 27 schools across Slovakia. These lectures used short excerpts from movies, TV shows, and advertisements to highlight negative stereotypes about women and men in public and private life. Over 2000 students attended these lectures.

The next segment of the program involved collectively seeking an answer to the question: “Why is the world sometimes unisex and other times not?” In a video summary, the guests learned that the “World is UNISEX” campaign mainly runs on Instagram, YouTube, and is complemented by the website www.svetjeunisex.sk. From November 2022 to July 2023, the campaign on Instagram had nearly 1.2 million impressions, and more than 80,000 views on YouTube. The “World is UNISEX” campaign has become one of the most visible campaigns oriented towards increasing gender sensitivity among young people.

The program continued with a quiz about relationships and sexuality, led by inTYMYta. This wasn’t the first time inTYMYta utilized this excellent informal educational activity to raise awareness about relationships, sexuality, equality, and respect.

After evaluating the quiz, a presentation followed, focusing on three key messages about relationships and sex education. After this presentation, the program moved to the upper deck, where the present audience had the opportunity to engage with many important messages through Slam poetry performed by Potopa Baša.

Subsequent entertainment was provided by DJ Niesom.

Both organizations had various informational and promotional materials prepared for the participants, which garnered significant attention. The feedback from participants during and after the event clearly confirmed that the closing conference was a great success. We are very grateful that you were a part of it.



Photos by Monika Chupeková
Photos by Paulína Rochová