29 .03.2023

Audio-visual lecture in Piestany

On the 28th of March 2023, an audio-visual lecture took place in Piestany.

The format of audio-visual lectures proved to be an effective way of non-formal education for students since the dynamics of the lecture corresponds to the current rapid trend in young people’s lives. The dynamics of audio-visual lectures reflect the fact that Generation Z lives in the world of constant updates. As a result, the members of this generation are less focused but also they are fantastic multitaskers. Audio-visual lectures make use of the ability to receive a great deal of information and incentives at the same time.

The lecturers explained negative stereotypes about women and men in public and private life. They highlighted the representation of women in the decision-making process, at all social levels and supported equal opportunities for women in access and control of economic resources, equal remuneration, and sharing of domestic duties. They used short previews from selected and up-to-date movies, TV shows, and ads in order to address the above-mentioned issues.

During the audio-visual lecture, it was also highlighted that if a woman has a serious face, she is told that she should smile. But when a man wears the same expression, it’s perceived as a sign of his seriousness, and nobody expects him to smile. It’s important to remember that a smile is not on demand.

More on this and other topics can be found in Slovak at www.svetjeunisex.sk